Several projects have been executed, below is a short list :

  • Compact river water treatment plants to produce potable water for small communities, capacities are ranging from 25 – 200 m3/h
  • Reverse Osmosis RO water desalination systems (Brackish & Sea water), Capacities from 1m3/h to over 200m3/h with pre and post treatment systems
  • Water filtration and water softening for cooling water systems and boilers
  • Water treatment for the beverage industry
  • Ultra Pure Water systems for the Pharmaceutical industry (Purified Water USP).
  • Sewage water treatment systems for small communities and hospitals
  • Water bottling projects
  • Storage calorifiers for heating systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Supply of different spare parts to our water treatment systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems: 

Pure Aqua, Inc., a global leader in high-quality industrial reverse osmosis and water purification systems, announced its next-generation RO-400 Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems. These solutions are designed for medium to large applications in purifying brackish or tap water.

Pure Aqua’s improved RO-400 Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis Machines are equipped with high quality components and features standard units ranging from 28,000-173,000 gallons per day as well as custom engineering systems tailored to customer specific needs. The RO-400 series systems are equipped with industry leading quality components featuring: microprocessor or PLC based control panel for system monitoring and automated operation, stainless steel valves and high pressure piping, stainless steel multi-stage high pressure pump and durable carbon steel skid, sandblasted, primed and powder coated.